Introduction | Demo | Technical Details


TecExplosion is an Augmented Reality Android application that I developed together with Timo Ruoss for the Introduction to Virtual Reality course at Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart.

The  application combines 3D computer modeling with real world context to create a virtual window into a technical diagram. By using augmented reality algorithms, the application can use the smart phone’s built in camera to locate an image marker, orient, and accurately render the user’s relative perspective to a 3D model. The effect is like looking at a prototype through a virtual window. TecExplosion provides tools for controlling exploded and semi-transparent views of model parts to better understand the details of the design.

It was presented at the HdM Media Night Winter Semester 2012.

Try the demo

If you have an Android phone, you can test out TecExplosion in three easy steps.

  1. Download the  application from Dropbox
  2. Load the application on your phone
  3. Print out the marker image


How does it work?

The yellow crosses represent the features detected in this image.
The yellow crosses represent the features detected in this image.

TecExplosion was implemented in Unity3D using the Vuforia Qualcomm plugin. Vuforia allows developers to upload their images targets online, where it then calculates a set of features specific to that image. The developer can then train the plugin specifically on that set of features. When the application accesses the smart phone’s built in camera and and recognizes a subset of the features, it uses their relative position to calculate the phone’s perspective in relation to the image target. It renders the 3d model from the same perspective, and like magic, it appears to sit on the image target.

Unity3D and Vuforia also support iPhone development. Therefore, TecExplosion could also be easily ported to iPhones.